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Dear guest, in order to make your stay a pleasant experience, please follow the HOUSE RULES:


1) Swimming pool and other common areas (if applicable):


. Swimming pool unguarded – Children under 12 years old are allowed to use the pool only in the company of an adult;

. The shower must be used before entering the swimming pool;

. The swimming pool opening time should be respected – 09:00 am to 9:00 pm;

. Be responsible for your money, securities and other valuables. MajoDomus is not liable in case of theft or loss.

. Cooking is not allowed in the gardens and other common areas;

. It’s not allowed to engage in any activity on the gardens, terraces and common areas that may disturb other guests or the complex, especially from 10 pm to 8 am;

. It’s not allowed to play with balls, air mattresses and other equipments that may disturb other guests;

. Glass objects are not allowed;

. During your stay please preserve our environment, please do not litter;


2) Property:


. We remind you that you are in a non-smoking property, please use the exterior areas – garden and patio to smoke;

. Pets aren’t allowed;

. During your stay please preserve our environment and turn off the A/C units when you are out;

. At night when go away, please make sure you close the parasols. The Algarve can be very windy at unusual times of the year;

. For safety reasons, also please make sure you close the blinds and lock the doors.

. If you notice any equipment malfunction, please inform us immediately;

On the day you leave we would ask your cooperation to depart before 11 am (unless a different agreement was made at check-in), Al-têntico/MD staff will be at the property on time.

When checking out, the property must be delivered:

. Well cared;

. Furniture in its original location;

. No litter of any kind or place (including recycled waste);

. Cookware washed and placed in the original location;

. Refrigerator, cupboards and counter without leftovers and/or open packs, except the ones that are in good conditions and may be used by      the following guests (Eg olive oil, salt, pepper, etc.)

. BBQ grill without leftovers and cigarette butts;

In case of non-compliance with the pre-established check-out time during the check-in, Al-têntico/MajorDomus reserves to the right of charging the extra cost of  € 75 for each hour of undue occupation.


* In case you fail in fulfilling these HOUSE RULES and BOOKING POLICY, Al-têntico/MajorDomus reserves to the right of charging the following extra payments:

. Additional cleaning – € 75 (apartment) / € 125 (villa);

. Take cookware out of the dishwasher and/or put in place – € 25

. Taking out litter and leftovers - € 25

. BBQ that is not in condition (cleaning) to be used – € 25

. Pets inside the property – € 100 + additional cleaning

. Undeclared person (Adult, child or baby) - € 150/week

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